Childrens Toys Sylvanian Families Toys Are The Best}

Childrens Toys Sylvanian Families Toys Are The Best


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Toys provide an imaginary world for children and the right toys will help inculcate reasoning faculties and imagination in your children. Right from building blocks to clay modeling sets to character toys and board games, all the toys have their special importance in shaping and sharpening a childs mind.

There are many kinds of toys children have a craze for including special character toys and accessories like Shrek, Star Wars, Hannah Montana, Baby Annabell, Peppa Pig and many more. Among these, the Sylvanian Family toys are the oldest and the most popular.

The Sylvanian Family Toys originally originated in Noth America and then Japan. They were made of the idea of anthropomorphic animal characters which was very popular back in the 1980s. The characters were made such that they could walk, talk, sing and eat like all human beings did. This was a greater attraction for kids, and they easily made an attachment with these characters, because of their similarities to the human beings and their way of living.

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The childrens toys consisted of various families like the Beaver family, the Hedgehog Family, the Mice family, the Guinea Pig family as well as the Bear family. Each such family had a surname of their own and different names for all the different members of the family. For example the Guinea Pig family had the surname Pettyfur.

The Perryfur family consisted of the members Andrew, Penny, Nicola and Peter. The Pettyfurs also had two babies of their own, named Simon and Lindsay. The toy makers tried making everything look like a real family household, the reason why they introduced the tiny cottages designed especially for the different Sylvanian families. The cottages had beds and sofas for relaxing, a dining table where the family was to have dinner together and the coffee table where the families would sit and have their evening tea or coffee.

The Sylvanian family babies also had a tiny beds or cradles of their own, with little bottles for them to drink milk from. Lately, the Sylvanian Families Caravan edition was launched, which had the story of the Sylvanian families going out for trade, like their ancestors. The caravans had everything that was required for a regular household, and hence was a very exciting and popular concept for kids.

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Childrens Toys Sylvanian Families Toys Are The Best }

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