Convert Your Car To Run On Water Save Money, Save Gas!

By Alexandre Sol

Convert your car to run on water – save gas, save your car, save money and save the planet.

Fox News recently broadcasted an interesting and very important video report.

A savvy automobile owner has come up with a very simple yet incredibly efficient way of boosting his old car’s gas mileage by up to 100% – that means several thousands of dollars economy every year.

The creator claims that his developed invention converts water into a gas called HHO (2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen). Also called Brown’s gas or Hydroxy burns better than regular gas at our fuel pumps and provides more energy. This process is often referred to as Hydrogen Fuel Cell conversion.

Gas prices are on constant rise and the fuel economy question is starting to get very serious. More hybrid cars are sold all over the world, concepts of electric cars and Hydrogen fuel cell cars are developed in almost any country and finally there is a way for you to add a little something to fuel efficient revolution.

Car owners seem to forget or maybe ignore the fact that they could get better gas mileage simply by changing the way they drive. You do not need to buy an ugly and slow prototype in order to save on gas. You could increase gas mileage of your V8 truck as well! To get better gas mileage you should follow these simple rules;

YouTube Preview Image

— Accelerate gently. This will use less gas.

— Keep your distance – every time you stop you will have to accelerate.

— Take your car to a mechanic; simple air filter change or spark plugs replacement could greatly increase gas mileage

— Drive slower. Going over 120kph will use up much more gas.

— Change gears as soon as possible – low gear uses up to 30% more fuel than needed.

Our cars’ engines are designed in such poor way that they only burn about 20% of the fuel – the other 80% is wasted in heat and unburned gas (pollution). When converted to money at 3$ a gallon – per every gallon your car actually uses only 60 cents, and 2.40$ is completely wasted. When you convert your car to run on water, you create a gas which helps burning the fuel in a better proportion.

Instructions on how to convert car to run on water are also available for sale on the Internet. There have been many skeptical people that do not believe in the efficiency of the system – but there doubts always vanish after finding out that the instructions come with 2 month full satisfaction money back guarantee.

Is it not only the ‘saving money’ part that attracts people – when you convert your car to run on water you also increase your car’s engine longevity and you greatly decrease the pollution. The system allows you to burn gas more efficiently – which decreases the noise of the engine and the wear and tear of the motor’s parts.

The system is composed by simple parts that are basically bolted on the engine. It could be done at almost no cost, by anyone and to any car. The system is completely untraceable when taken off of the engine.

Just imagine yourself buying half the gas you are buying now! Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra couple of thousand of dollars for Christmas presents? For a vacation? For a down payment on a new car?

I hope this article gave you enough of useful information to consider converting your car to run on water.

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Ferry MV Suilven sinks in Suva, Fiji

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

MV Suilven, a ferry in service in Fiji, capsized and sank in Suva Harbour today.

Around thirty people, all crewmembers, were on board. Local media report all were rescued. The 41-year-old vessel previously saw service in Scotland and New Zealand.

The ship capsized early this afternoon and sank within an hour. It had been converted from passenger to cargo use following its most recent sale, to Venu Shipping in 2012 or 2011. Local reports indicated police, the Navy, local tug boats, and volunteer rescuers all attended the accident.

The converted ferry reportedly began to list on entering the harbour. It was working a route carrying cargo between Suva and the Northern Division.

Built in Norway, in service from 1974, the ship served with Scottish ferry firm Caledonian MacBrayne until 1995, connecting the mainland town of Ullapool to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. It was ultimately replaced by a larger, faster vessel and was sold to Strait Shipping who used it until 2004 to ply New Zealand’s seas, connecting Wellington to Picton and to Nelson.

The name MV Suilven is in reference to the Suilven mountain in Scotland’s Sutherland region.

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Woman finds human finger in bowl of chili at Wendy’s restaurant

Thursday, March 24, 2005

San Jose, California — A woman eating a bowl of chili at a Wendy’s restaurant bit into a chewy bit that turned out to be a human finger. She immediately spat it out, warned other patrons to stop eating, and upon recognizing the object as a finger, vomited.

“I’m more of a Carl’s Jr. person,” the 39-year-old Las Vegas woman, Anna Ayala, told Knight Ridder. She said this incident was her first visit to a Wendy’s restaurant. Ayala described how she found the finger, “Suddenly something crunchy was in my mouth,” she continued, “and I spit it out.”

According to Devina Cordero, 20, after Ayala found the finger, she ran up to her and Cordero’s boyfriend and said, “Don’t eat it! Look, there’s a human finger in our chili.”

“We went up to the counter and they told us it was a vegetable,” Cordero continued. “The people from Wendy’s were poking it with a spoon.”

The restaurant is located at 1405 Monterey Highway, just south of downtown San Jose.

Wikinews reporter David Vasquez drove his car up to the drive-thru menu and found that chili was still on the menu, at a price of US$1.19 for a small serving. He also witnessed workers unloading supplies from a semi-trailer truck in the restaurant’s parking lot, and carting them into the back door of the establishment.

According to Ben Gale, director of environmental health for Santa Clara County, the finger did not come from any of the employees at the restaurant. “We asked everybody to show us they have 10 fingers and everything is OK there,” he said. The found portion of the finger likely belonged to a woman because of its long and manicured fingernail, also found in the food.

Officials seized the food supply at the restaurant and are tracing it back to the manufacturer, where they believe the finger may have gotten mixed in with the raw ingredients used to prepare the chili. The restaurant’s operators were later permitted to re-open after preparing new chili prepared from fresh ingredients.

As this story was filed, there was no mention of the incident on the Wendy’s corporate web site. Wendy’s issued a statement through a spokesman.

“Food safety is of utmost importance to us,” said Wendy’s spokesman Joe Desmond. He referred to the incident as an “unsubstantiated claim.”

“We are cooperating fully with the local police and health departments with their investigation. It’s important not to jump to conclusions. Here at Wendy’s we plan to do right by our customers,” Desmond said.

According to county health officials, the unfortunate woman who bit into the finger is doing fine, despite her initial reaction. Officials also noted that the finger would have been cooked at a high enough temperature to destroy any viruses.

The Santa Clara county medical examiner reported that the finger had a solid fingerprint, although investigators did not say if a search of fingerprint databases would be performed to find the owner of the finger.

This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
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Purchasing The Natural Dht Blocker Of Shen Min Is A Great Investment To Your Hair}

Submitted by: Abraham Kesich

Regardless of the reason through the autumn time for an increased number of hair loss, we ought to bear in mind that during this period of the entire year there is being shed a tad bit more completely pure. It’s true that people are certainly mattered to by appearance. Even though loss itself is not a kind of condition, it might bring about moderate psychological conditions such as loss in self-esteem and mental stress.

The consequences of AminomarC aren’t apparent for atleast four weeks. If the patient prevents using AminomarC the technique will resume. Provillus for men works by preventing DHT (dihydrotestostrone) in dealing with the human body, because this DHT is in fact among the main reasons for hair thinning to men, therefore it works in stopping it in order to reduce hair-loss to men. Nonetheless pharmaceutical medicines are very pricey solutions that come with some hazards and side effects that are damaging.

Female hair loss remedy products popular in all areas where it to obtain products that are electronic online, or is a shop you can visit inperson. The sodium in Propecia, AminomarC, is also advertised as Viviscal. The salt that is more effective than AminomarC in blocking enhancement of DHT as a way to reduce hair thinning is dutasteride 0.5 mg. this salt is promoted as Avodart. They’re placing to use a few fantastic natural remedies and methods which might be built to regain your own hair.

This can be native African medicine received from a tree’s bark. Premium quality supplements offer much better productivity, benefit, and satisfaction, although food use is the great way to get these nutrients. It’s very easy to follow this health strategy which works on the systematic way of slow the PCOS rather than the conventional method with prescription tablets which don’t possibly manage the PCOS and rather increase unwanted effects.

YouTube Preview Image

So should they can’t produce hair restoration via tracks that are medical, non-surgical hair replacement is their chioce. Thinning hair, hair drop, hair reduction, each one of these issues are resolved. Doctors suggest before you spend any money on hair growth remedies that you need to seek out the underlying factors behind hair loss,. In situations that are exceptionally sophisticated, men could have a horseshoe shaped area of hair around back and the sides of the head.

And you may also realize upon what sort of dose you take that often cost does not basically depend. Through illustration, I understand of just one complement which includes 300 mg of saw palmetto for hair loss per tablet. The human body that is male has a tiny estrogen and that’s typical. To put it differently, your own hair roots are gradually murdered by dht! DHT is just a derivative of the hormone testosterone.

This enzyme converts testosterone to dihydrotestesteron (DHT). It is regarded as being an integral part an all natural method of recovery that uses really small amounts of ingredients to treatment, of homeopathy. Man and not only females, but kids can also be suffering from hair thinning problem.

Generic Propecia features as its brand name model. Saw Palmetto reportedly works in the same manner to medications like Propecia and Viviscal by ultimately preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT (which causes genetic balding). A lot of people all over the earth are fighting hair-loss in a variety of techniques. With Insulite Labs, we’re nolonger patients of pre- diabetes, weight gain acne, hair-loss and unpredictable times.

This decreases DHT ranges from the crown and so decreases the results of it’s on the hair roots – treating baldness in a great lots of men. Quite often, further lack of hair stops and will assist just a little with hair restoration. The dosage needs to be dependant on the physician.

About the Author: At the moment the Managing Director of a small business that provides corporate coaching services specialising in outstanding consumer service and private development programs. Male patter

loss can be an obtain personality. Other conditions may cause them not associated with genetic hormonal dysfunction. Women and men experience differing habits of damage.


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Australian charged with murder of two after 24 years

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Robert Penny, 83, yesterday was charged with the murder of his wife Margaret Penny and hairdresser Claire Acocks, twenty four years after their deaths at the Old London Coiffure hair salon in Portland, Victoria in Australia.

Mr Penny was charged by homicide detectives after a revived investigation found Penny had disclosed details of the women’s deaths to various people, that he could only have known firsthand. He allegedly told Mrs Acocks’s husband the morning after her death that she was killed with a comb, and “died very quickly”; police found no weapon at the scene in 1991.

The prosecution also alleges Mr Penny revealed details of the murders in phone calls to both his son and daughter in the hours following the attack, again referring to the use of a tail-comb as the weapon. Investigators at the time initially believed there may have been two weapons, and Homicide Detective Senior Constable Tom Hogan told the court “it would have been impossible for him or any of the police to understand the ­nature of the injuries” before an autopsy was carried out.

The court also heard evidence of a covertly recorded phone conversation between Mr Penny and his granddaughter in February 2014, in which he said “Would a hitman pick up a comb and kill two women?”.

Mr Penny was released on bail due to poor health, under conditions including surrender of his passport. He is due to face court again in July.

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Short-haired bumblebees reintroduced to UK

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A small population of Bombus subterraneus, the short-haired bumblebee, was reintroduced to the UK yesterday. The bee was declared extinct in Britain in 2000.

Around 100 queen bees were captured from Skåne, Sweden after the Nordic nation gave the go-ahead. After quarantine, around half of these were rejected to avoid introducing parasites alongside the bees. The rest have been released into a nature reserve in Dungeness, England.

“We’ve screened for four different parasite species,” explains biologist Dr Mark Brown of the University of London, where the bees spent two weeks at Royal Holloway. The parasites “can all damage bees in different ways.”

Work has been ongoing at Dungeness for years, establishing flowers the bees are known to like in meadows at the site, which, although rural, lies at the heart of an industrial area. Habitat loss is blamed for the bees’ extinction in the UK, with more intensive farming methods destroying meadows. South Sweden has less intensive farming, allowing the Swedish population to thrive. A normal survival rate of 20–30% is expected.

Organisations including the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Natural England, and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) are involved in funding the project, with the reserve itself belonging to the RSPB.

The bees were last seen in Dungeness in the 1980s. The same spot lost the shrill carder bee at around the same time, but shrill carder bees have recently been rediscovered there.

It is the second attempt to reintroduce short-haired bumblebees to Britain, after an effort in 2009 using bees removed from New Zealand. British bees were introduced to New Zealand to aid pollination before they were threatened. The bees died in the UK and tests established they had low genetic diversity. There are plans to add more bees to the Dungeness programme to increase genetic diversity there.

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Donald Trump plans £300m “golfing paradise” for rural Scotland

Saturday, April 1, 2006

American multi-billionaire Donald Trump has announced plans to build a massive golf complex on an 800-acre site just north of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Speaking last night from the Trump Tower in New York, Trump said that the development will be akin to a “homecoming” for him. The ginger-haired property tycoon’s mother is from the Western Isles of Scotland.

The £300m project at Menie in Aberdeenshire will include both a links course and an inland course, and a 400-bedroom hotel as well as a golfing academy and holiday homes. The facilities are being built with the intention of attracting the Open Championship to the site, officially dubbed Trump International Golf Links, Scotland.

Fields and sand-dunes make up the landscape of the coastal site. Trump said of the location, “As soon as I saw it there was no question about it. I looked at 211 fantastic sites all over Europe, but here it is – the dune size and the ocean front. There is no piece of land that I have ever seen that is comparable to this.” The billionaire claims that the complex, set to be his only development outside the United States, will be the “best course in the world.”

Local and national political figures, including Scottish First Minister Jack McConnell, have welcomed the announcement with open arms, as the project is expected to bring in an additional £157m to the region’s economy within the first ten years. Scottish tourism company VisitScotland is also optimistic, expecting an influx of international visitors to play on (or simply visit) the site. Plans to expand the A90 road running past the site in the near future will enable more road traffic to and around the area. An £60m expansion of Aberdeen Airport will also allow for vastly increased international air links, akin to those operated using Boeing 767 aircraft.

Work on the golf complex itself is set to begin in September this year, with the Trump Organisation hopeful for a Spring 2008 opening date.

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The Benefits Of Restylane Treatments Offered In New Rochel}

The Benefits of Restylane TreatmentsOffered in New Rochel


Wayne Williams

As we all age, folds in our skin and deep lines will begin to appear along the contours of our face and giving away our age. Many people in New Rochel believe the only way to liberate themselves from these facial blemishes is to use New Rochel Restylane injectable fillers like Restylane. These injections are a great alternative to plastic surgery and are much less invasive. Restylane does not affect your ability to make natural facial expression or have facial movement. Restylane has become very popular after becoming the first cosmetic injection filler to be approved by the U.S. FDA in the United States, and since then, more than 14 million Restylane treatments have been performed worldwide.

The independent research team at the University of Michigan Medical School, uncovered evidence that showed that Restylane offered support underneath the skins surface, which allows the skin to lie flat but show off plump facial contours. Their research also shows that Restylane triggers the body to increase its own production of collagen.

Most people seek out for New Rochel Restylane treatments to enhance the appearance of their mouth since that tend to be the area most people pay attention to. Some people focus on the lips themselves by adding fullness and roundness. Others are looking to make wrinkles disappear and eliminate all the visible signs of aging by filling in the creases and making the skin appear youthful and smooth. Injections are normally given by New Rochel dermatologist around the cheek and nose area to clients who are wishing to achieve a plump and round facial contour and add volume to the appearance of the face overall. The fillers are usually injected directly into the wrinkles that form with age from the nose to the mouth, and from the mouth to the chin. The lines that form on top of your upper lip and the frown lines that form in the corners of your mouth are also targeted to give the result of a rounder face.

YouTube Preview Image

New Rochel dermatologist also focuses on treating the wrinkles that form around the eyes and the forehead region of the face. Eyes can tend to look droopy or tired when wrinkles start to accumulate in the corners and underneath, with worry and stress comes forehead wrinkles. Because these creases tend to stand out more than others, injections at those sites can give your face a lifted effect, resulting in a refreshed, revitalized appearance.

Restylane Injections are not limited to use only in your face. One of the biggest discoveries as a result of independent studies have proven that one of the biggest benefits of Restylane injections is that it improves the structure and elasticity of your skin by providing deep skin hydration. You can achieve this hydration in areas other than your face such as your neck and hands. Clients can benefit from that discovery by ridding themselves of embarrassing acne scars or veins that bulge from under the skin by hydrating the skin.

After receiving rejections, the client can normally resume their normal activities the same day since there is no downtime required to recover. Many clients may experience a minor soreness for 2 or 3 days after the injection, but only notice minor swelling afterwards. The soreness could last longer after your first treatment because there is an adjustment period your body goes through when introducing the Restylane injection to your body for the first time.

Anyone who wants to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles on their face, or have supple, smooth and youthful skin again should consider Restylane injections. In addition, people who have skin disorders or problems with producing collagen on their own can also benefit from the hydrating properties of Restylane.


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US clinic plans first face transplant

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

US doctors are to interview 12 patients with a view to performing the first ever transplant of a human face.

The Cleveland Clinic will choose between seven women and five men to find the person most suited for the experimental procedure, which is a radical and controversial solution to extreme facial scarring or disfigurement.

Having practiced the procedure on bodies donated for medical research, the Cleveland Clinic team believe they have a 50% chance of success. The procedure will not live up to science-fiction predictions and give the recipient the appearance of the donor; the underlying bone structure is the deciding factor in the final appearance. The new face will end up resembling neither the donor nor recipient.

Surgeons in several other countries have announced being ready to perform this procedure in the past. However, the risk and non life-threatening nature of disfigurement have meant that gaining approval for the groundbreaking surgery has been difficult. Like many other transplant operations, the recipient would be required to take drugs to prevent tissue rejection for the remainder of their life. These drugs can have side effects and carry their own risks involving the patient’s immune system.

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Help Your Children Reach Opimal Health With A Geneva Pediatric Chiropractor}

Submitted by: Devan Moore

There are many issues that a new parent will have to deal with during the first few years, and most parents and caregivers are focused on the obvious issues and signs of problems such as colds, boo-boos, and the dreaded immunizations. Many do not stop and take the time to even think about chiropractics when it comes to the care of infants and newborns. However, many infants and toddlers can benefit from spinal care even early on in their lives. When you stop to think about it, the birth process can be very traumatic on a small newborn as the process often twists, moves, and compresses or stretches an infant’s spine. Add to that what can go wrong during delivery and what steps have to be taken during emergency deliveries it is easy to see why chiropractic care may be needed even within the first few weeks of life. These slight adjustments and misalignment can cause problems including colic, poor eating, irritability, unusual crying, and poor sleeping habits. Making an appointment with Geneva Pediatric Chiropractor for your infant can be a great way to get started off on the right foot.

Newborn Spinal Care

Spinal issues among newborns is more common than people realize; thankfully with improved education and medical advancements it is easier to identify, diagnose and treat a range of spinal issues that newborns many be facing. For far too long infants and young children have gone without the special pediatric chiropractor care that they need. The good news is that Geneva Pediatric Chiropractor treatments for newborns are super simple, easy, and gentle. The pressure used in spinal alignments in babies is not even enough to bruise a ripe tomato. Getting these simple adjustments done sooner rather than later helps relieve pressure and allows your baby to develop as they should and avoid some of the pain and discomfort of common issues such as colic, mobility issues, and general irritability.

YouTube Preview Image

Colic and Chiropractors

Despite all of the medical advances that have been made and the countless years of research pout into studying this common infant condition, there is still no known cause or sure-fire treatment for colic. What many people fail to realize is that issues with the spine can cause problems elsewhere in the body, including the digestive tract. Though there is no known cure for colic and other common digestive issues infants deal with, chiropractic care seems to be the best treatment option as over 90% of colicky babies who got chiropractic adjustments and massages ended up showing at least some improvement in the severity and frequency of their colic episodes.

Mobility and the Spine

Another major area of infant development that can be impacted by spinal problems is mobility. As infants grow they move more and more, learning to crawl and then to walk. When there are underlying spinal issues at the start, it can make it harder for them to make these milestone achievements in their development. Rolling over, crawling, and walking can hurt and be uncomfortable so a Geneva Pediatric Chiropractor may be able to help make things right.

About the Author: Call and set up an appointment with

Geneva Pediatric Chiropractor Kids Chiro

today and see what they can do for your child! You will be glad you did and your child will thank you for it!


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