Adult Adhd Symptoms: Two Sides To Focus}

Submitted by: Tellman Knudson

One persons focus is another persons distraction, and you really need to take this into consideration when youre talking about being able to focus, or not focus, with Adult ADHD symptoms.

There are really two sides to focus with Adult ADHD, and more than one way to go about learning to focus better with ADHD symptoms…

We really need to see which one of these sits the best with you and your particular ADHD symptoms.

There are two things people with Adult ADHD should ask themselves. Do you want to be more focused on the things that are normally a distraction, the things that you procrastinate on–or would you rather just not have to do them at all?

I think a lot of times with Adult ADHD symptoms, focus issues occur, projects get dropped off, and things get left undone because of the fact that youre working on things that youre not interested in. Boredom is seriously a big deal for people with Adult ADHD symptoms.

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When youre not interested in something, no matter how hard you try to focus, someone with ADHD symptoms can’t necessarily just make themselves be be interested in something.

It becomes natural that once your interest level decreases, so does your activity, and therefore, your frustration can increase because you leave a project undone, you move to the next thing, youre distracted, or you make a pile. (Making “piles” of stuff all over the house is a big indication of Adult ADHD symptoms!)

The thing about focus is, when you want to focus, youve got to be focusing on the things that you really are interested in doing.

Now, one of the things we’ve talked about a lot is how people with Adult ADHD can “outsource” the things they can’t focus on to other people, using some kind of exchange–payment or barter. However, we do realize that alot of people with Adult ADHD are going to say,

“Okay, great, but Tellman and Stephanie, I cant just get everything done by outsourcing my entire life. Im not at that place. I cant do it financially, there are just some things that I have to get through. I have to pay the bills. I have to take out the garbage–ADHD symptoms or no.”

Those are the two sides to focus, when youve got to focus on the things that kind of stink, but you absolutely have to anyway. Now, everyone with Adult ADHD CAN learn to focus even on things they don’t like. However, it’s good to understand that in the long run, while its great be able to turn focus on and off on demand, you really want to be developing your natural interests, that youre able to focus on like crazy.

There are all sorts of different subjects, concepts, ideas, hobbies, and areas of interest that people with Adult ADHD symptoms have all around the world. And when we’re thinking about THOSE things, well then people with Adult ADHD can focus better than anyone around them. They can focus exclusively for hours on end.

Thats what we call hyper-focus, when the Adult ADHD brain becomes so focused that you dont notice anything else around you. Some people might say youre spacing out. Youre not spacing out. Youre totally focused like a laser on whatever youre thinking about. Because youre interested

in it.

The fact is though, its not really an issue of the topic. This kind of focus is something that you taught yourself, unknowingly–how to turn the hyper-focus on whenever youre engaged in this particular topic.

But what if you could then learn to turn that hyper-focus on when you need to? What if someone with Adult ADHD symptoms could get their brain firing into focus and turn it on the second they wanted to, for any task?

Woudn’t that be amazing? You’d be like a superhero, with the super-ability of being able to focus like a laser on anything, anytime.

The truth is, its completely learnable, and that is just one of the things we teach people with Adult ADHD everyday in our program. To find out how to switch your natural ADHD symptoms of “hyper-focusing” over to anything you want, see below!

About the Author: Tellman Knudson can help you learn to focus, beat distraction and accomplish your goals. Go to

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Wikinews interviews Jeff Jacobsen, creator of

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Sunday, Wikinews interviewed creator of memorial site, former Lisa McPherson Trust employee and long time Scientology critic Jeff Jacobsen. is a memorial site created in 1997 containing information on her death and the resulting legal case against the Church of Scientology.

Lisa McPherson died in 1995 while in the care of the Church of Scientology. After a car accident, she became mentally unstable. Scientologists removed her from the hospital and placed her in the Introspection Rundown, she died 17 days later while still in care of the Church. She was used as an icon during Project Chanology, the protest of the Church of Scientology by Anonymous. Protesters were pictured with signs that said “Remember Lisa McPherson” and “Ask Scientology Why Lisa McPherson Died”, other protesters had posters with her picture on it.

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Woman killed in house fire in South Yorkshire, England

Monday, January 25, 2010

An elderly woman has died in a house fire in South Yorkshire, England. The woman, who is currently remaining unidentified, was blind and 93-years-old when her bungalow in Sheffield caught fire as a result of an accident in her kitchen yesterday afternoon.

An internal investigation into the fire has suggested that while the woman was cooking, she dropped a towel onto one of the stovetops while attempting to move a pan on the cooker. The towel then set alight. When she attempted to put out the fire, the towel dropped to the side of the cooker, alongside some plastic bags.

A smoke alarm sounded; a nearby resident heard the alarm and went to assist. The neighbour managed to break into the bedroom window of the bungalow in order to be able to get inside the building. The person made it to the hallway but had to double back upon seeing the fire and the smoke. It is believed that the woman was overwhelmed by the fumes given out from the plastic which was burning.

At around 1350 GMT, fire service workers entered the elderly lady’s residence to find her collapsed inside the kitchen. People investigating the incident have come to the conclusion that this particular fire was an accidental one. A spokesperson for the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service noted: “Neighbours who tried to enter the property were fought back by smoke and flames.”

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The Need For A Forensic Home Loan Audit

By Nikki Vaughn

A Forensic Loan Audit is a comprehensive loan fraud/predatory lending investigation report which will identify infractions and violations committed by your lender and/or broker when they originally funded your loan. Obtaining an audit should be the first step on your quest to successfully modify your home loan. If you are behind on your mortgage payments, facing default or foreclosure the audit is a critical tool that will be used as leverage to argue your case with your Lender(s). Again, it will highlight the laws that were broken, if any, by your broker or by your lender.

According to Marc Bonanni, Attorney for Consumer Debt Advocate ( ‘We now perform a comprehensive Predatory Lending analysis on every client coming through our door who is also looking for a loan modification. In almost 100% of the cases, we find violations in *RESPA, *TILA, and in some cases, egregious *Article 32 Predatory Lending violations.” [RESPA = Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. TILA = Truth-In-Lending Act. Article 32 Predatory Lending = This law is devoted to identifying certain high-cost, potentially predatory mortgage loans.]

You are not alone in this Nationwide financial crisis. Times are extremely tough for millions of homeowners like you and thankfully there many active laws and consumer groups to protect you. If you are having trouble paying your bills, your income can not support monthly expenses and ultimately are unable to make your mortgage payment(s), the good news is the Federal Government and Credit Industry established Loan Modification Services that will provide relief needed to keep your home. The main goal of a Loan Modification is to stop the foreclosure of your home. Foreclosures do not help or benefit anyone, not even your bank. An Attorney and/or Law office that specializes in loan modifications and debt negotiations is your best option to assist you in this process. An Attorney can make your Lender act on your case in your favor, and a forensic loan audit can only help to successfully restructure your loan.

What is included in my Forensic Loan Audit Report?:

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— Results report of all factual findings of the forensic audit

— Ant and all applicable federal law violations

— The real terms of your loan

— Outline of hidden fees and/or commission earned by your broker and/or lender

— A complete assessment so you can pursue possible legal claims against your broker and/or lender

Loans with illegal terms or conditions are not enforceable. Foreclosures resulting from illegal loans are also not enforceable. The foreclosure process is stopped when litigation on a questionable loan begins. Mortgage payments are not required during the foreclosure or litigation process. Lenders will choose the most rational and fiscally sensible response when presented with the legal facts. When facing their legal options: modifying your loan, foreclosing your home, paying some high-priced attorneys to litigate, or risk stiff federal fines and penalties, many lenders will choose Loan Modification as the most financially sensible option. Don’t wait, time is of the essence.

About the Author: Nikki Vaughn is a seasoned professional concentrating her studies within finance and mortgage. She’s driven to alert and educate by delivering industry news and hot topics and currently writes for

on consumer education pieces and freelance for client’s websites.


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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green candidate Mark Grenier, Welland

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mark Grenier is running for the Green Party of Ontario in the Ontario provincial election, in the Welland riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Minor alterations not affecting the content have been made to this interview; the original text is available by clicking on the tab marked “Collaboration” for.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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Wikinews interviews Darcy Richardson, Democratic Party presidential challenger to Barack Obama

Friday, November 25, 2011

U.S. Democratic Party presidential candidate Darcy Richardson of Florida took some time to answer a few questions from Wikinews reporter William S. Saturn.

Richardson, 55, is a political activist that helped form the New Democrats in 1989 and founded the progressive Battleground Blog earlier this year. He is also a political historian, and has authored six books covering third parties and presidential elections, including A Nation Divided: The 1968 Presidential Campaign (2002). His current work, The Spirit of ’76: Eugene McCarthy’s Struggle for Open Politics, chronicles the late Democratic Senator Eugene McCarthy’s 1976 presidential campaign for which he volunteered. Richardson admires McCarthy, and served as manager for his 1988 presidential run. Recently, Richardson advised Brian Moore’s Socialist Party USA presidential campaign in 2008.

In addition, Richardson himself has sought political office, albeit unsuccessfully. In 1980, he ran for Pennsylvania Auditor General, and in 1988, vied for one of Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seats as a member of the Consumer Party. Last year, he ran for Lieutenant Governor of Florida as the running mate of gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari.

Richardson has criticized President Barack Obama’s policies for being too similar to those of former President George W. Bush. He hoped to convince several prominent progressives to challenge Obama in the Democratic primaries, but none were available to do so. Last month, Richardson decided to begin a campaign himself and announced through his Battleground Blog that he would challenge Obama in the Democratic Party primaries as a progressive candidate. So far, he has qualified for the New Hampshire primary in January and the Missouri primary in February. In an interview with the Independent Political Report, Richardson proclaimed his campaign slogan as “no fourth term for George W. Bush.”


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Media speculate over possible presidential bid by Michael Bloomberg

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is prepared to spend one billion dollars of his own money for a 2008 White House bid, the Washington Times reports, citing his friends and “close associates” .

However, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday made light of Senator Chuck Hagel‘s suggestion that Bloomberg could run as an independent with Hagel as running mate. Bloomberg has so far denied that he is running but has not ruled out the possibility either.

Media reports speculate that Bloomberg is considering a run if the Democratic and Republican nominees cater more to the parties’ bases, leaving room for an independent candidate who can attract moderate voters for both camps.

TIME magazine reports that Bloomberg was at first ready to consider spending US$500 million for a presidential run.

Michael Bloomberg could have more money than either party candidates, former FEC chairman Michael E. Toner told the Times. Those funds would come in handy to mobilize the thousands of petitions needed to qualify for a run in some states.

The Washington Times also has reports of a Bloomberg adviser saying some people involved with John McCain‘s Presidential Campaign are prepared to leave and join Bloomberg’s campaign if he does indeed run.

Bloomberg’s advisers have also said that they have been studying and learning from Ross Perot‘s Presidential campaign in 1992. They have called and talked with Perot’s former advisers and campaign workers to learn from their mistakes and experience.

Bloomberg made his fortune with his company Bloomberg L.P., a financial news and data company. Forbes magazine ranked him 44th on a list of wealthiest Americans and 142nd on a list of billionaires worldwide. His net worth is estimated at US$5.5 billion.

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Natural Ways To Lighten Skin

Natural Ways to Lighten Skin


Alexx Scoop

In addition to using skin bleaching creams and gels to lighten your skin, you can also lighten your skin with natural ingredients to enhance and even speed up the lightening process of your skin. One benefit of using natural means of lightening your skin is that you\\’re getting the same vitamins and minerals that you would get in regular skin lightening products, and this would especially be beneficial if you ran out of your regular skin bleaching creams or if you currently aren\\’t able to afford your favorite skin lightening/bleaching products due to a tight budget. And the ingredients you need for natural skin lightening methods can be found right in your kitchen or garden.

YouTube Preview Image

One method is to mix some crushed papaya, crushed pineapple and pumpkin in a blender and apply this mixture to your face every night and let sit for twenty minutes. You can also make a milk recipe for lightening your skin by combining a teaspoon of milk powder, two teaspoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of coconut oil and mixing in a paste then applying it to your skin and letting it sit for 15 minutes. Taking vitamin C supplements while using skin lightening creams are also great for lightening your skin. If you have licorice extract you can add a few teaspoons of water to it and rub it all over your skin to lighten your skin gradually. You should also exfoliate your skin if you want it to be healthier and lighter because this removes dead skin cells that lead to dark patches on your skin. You can take a half cup of brown sugar and a few teaspoons of lemon juice and scrub all over your face then moisturize it with a face lotion such as Ponds or Oil of Olay. Don\\’t spend too much time in the sun, use sunscreen when out in the sun, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water as this is good for rejuvenating your skin. Flaxseed oil, grape seed extract and fish oil supplements can be taken in addition to the skin lightening cream for effective results in your skin. Another thing you can do is combine egg whites and lemon juice to lighten your skin. A homemade facial mask with cucumber juice, tomato juice and sandalwood paste is also a good way for you to lighten skin naturally in addition to using skin lightening creams. Some other natural ingredients you can use to lighten your skin include alpha hydroxyl acid, kojic acid, glutathione, azelaic acid, nutgrass and mulberry extract. A mixture of lemon juice with honey and oatmeal powder can help lighten your skin as well as a mixture of turmeric, oatmeal powder and lemon juice.

For further information on acne, skin care, skin whitening,

skin bleaching

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Blender Foundation launches open movie, open game projects

Monday, June 11, 2007 

The Blender Foundation, which maintains the open source 3D tool Blender, has announced two new projects, codenamed Peach and Apricot. Project Peach will be a new open source movie, following in the footsteps of last year’s Elephants Dream project (which was initially codenamed Orange). Apricot, on the other hand, will use Blender in conjunction with open source 3D framework Crystal Space to create an open game, thereby showcasing both technologies.

The Blender Foundation published the plans on its website on Sunday. In order to support these and future projects, it will also set up a permanent studio called the “Blender Institute”, where software developers and artists can work together in a single location.

The Peach movie project will be headed by Sacha “Sago” Goedegebure from the Netherlands and Lyubomir Kovachev from Bulgaria. Goedegebure is well known in the Blender community for the “Man in Man” animation, which won the 2006 Suzanne Award for Character Animation. Where the theme of Elephants Dream was dark and industrial, Peach will be “funny and furry”, according to the project announcement. The project is to be completed within 6 months, beginning October 1.

Blender’s open game project is still at an earlier planning stage, and details will be announced at the Crystal Space Conference in July. According to the published plans, the project will also be completed within 6-8 months, and it will have a budget of more than 50,000 Euros.

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Chinese hostage rescued in the Philippines

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 

A Filipino police official said that Xili Wu, a Chinese buinessman held by al-Qaida-linked militants on a southern island for one and a half years, has been rescued.

Amil Banaan, Chief Inspector of Sulu provincial police, says Wu was under the name Peter Go to hide his illegal status in the country before he was kidnapped by a terrorist organisation, the Abu Sayyaf.

The police said the Abu Sayyaf abducted Wu in 2008, from his appliance store in Jolo township that he had opened after immigrating from China.

The police claimed that no people were hurt during the fight between them and the Abu Sayyaf that took place during the rescue operation.

The Abu Sayyaf group is on the US government’s list of foreign terrorist organisations and is well known for staging kidnappings for ransom in the Southern Philippines.

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